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I've been waiting for you but so far you haven't shown up. I've tried to
let you know I am here by spreading the word through churches around the
world, through the TV and even newspapers. I've given you many creations
of scenic beauty, like a sunrise and sunset of many colors, a gentle
breeze on a warm day and mighty snow capped mountains. Several of my
children have been trying to reach you as well to let you know that I am
here. But as of yet, you have failed to respond.
By now you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Jesus. I came
into this world about 2000 years ago sent by my Father, God, to pay the
price for all the bad things humanity has done and give them a way to
reach Him. I died a very, painful and agonizing death on your behalf so
that you might get to know my Father. You see, the only way that you can
ever get to know my Father is through me. I don't want to see you miss
out on getting to know my Father, so I willingly gave up my life so that
you could.
You are probably wondering why it is that I would have to give such a
sacrifice for you to get to know God. Well, you see, God is holy and
humanity is sinful. Humanity cannot come into the presence of God in
such a condition. Back in the days of Abraham, the Jewish people
sacrificed animals using their blood as atonement for the sins they
committed. I was sent to earth to become the final blood sacrifice for
all the sins of humanity. That is why you hear the phrase, "washed
in the blood of the lamb", because by my blood your sins have been
washed away.
You are probably wondering at this point what it is that you have to do
to obtain this removal of your sins which is called salvation. All you
have to do is to admit that you are a sinner and have done bad things in
the past, be truly sorry for doing those things, and turn away from
doing those things in the future. Then, you must ask God for me to come
and dwell in your heart and then believe that I truly did die for your
sins and say it out loud for everyone to hear. The final step is to
follow me like the apostles did. That one seems to be the hardest for
some people at first. Once you get to really know me, you will enjoy the
time we spend together.
Have you ever been to a beautiful scenic place and looked at mountain
meadows filed with flowers or a massive waterfall? Perhaps you have seen
some other awe inspiring place that is beautiful for some other reason.
These are nothing compared to what my Father has in store for you as one
of His children. Words cannot begin to describe the final reward in
heaven that has been set aside for those who will follow me.
If you don't quite understand what it is that you must do to get this
gift and follow me, please click the link on the front page of this
website. One of my children will be more than happy to help you do just
I truly do love all people. I am not angry at people that won't follow
me but it does hurt my feelings and makes me sad when people don't
accept the gift that I bought and paid for. Let me leave you with a
short story for you to think about. I love stories with a meaning like
this, they are called parables and there are lots of them for you to
read in the Bible.
Let's say that you have been arrested, charged with a crime, found
guilty, and have now been brought up in front of a judge to face the
sentence for your crime. Just as the judge is to pronounce that your
punishment is to be long and none to pleasant, someone appears from the
back of the courtroom. He requests an audience with the judge and
permission to approach the bench. After a few minutes of discussion with
the judge and the prosecutor, the judge addresses you. Even though you
have been found guilty of this crime and should pay the penalty all
charges will be dropped because this mystery man has paid to have you
released. All you have to do is to agree to not commit any more crimes
and become this man's servant. Wouldn't you take that offer? Will you
not take my offer?

I hope to hear from you soon,
With love,
Your friend,

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